Turbine Generator Display

Remote display for the Si-TEC Xtend control range (via CAN bus interface) metering of essential turbine and generator parameters that include generator voltage, frequency, real power, power factor (lead & lag) and also includes an independent turbine overspeed protection circuit.


Model Annunciator Applications Documents

Opal II
Opal 2 Generator display

  • Remote display for Si-TEC Xtend turbine controls (via CAN bus)
  • Electrical overspeed protection function
  • Overspeed test function
  • Metering of essential generator parameters and turbine speed
  • Turbine monitoring, pressures, temperatures, etc.
  • Range of alarm functions and logic status
  • Temperature metering via temperature scanner module (optional)
  • Easy navigation of Si-TEC Xtend and Opal II parameters via keypad
  • Configurable via pcConfigure for commissioning and storing of settings

Steam turbine generators

  • Back-pressure turbines
  • Condensing turbines

  • Sugar mills
  • Paper mills
  • Oil and gas
  • Geothermal
  • Utility generation

  • Multiple Opal II displays


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