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The group started with Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG, and now counts REGULATEURS EUROPA, HEINZMANN UK, HEINZMANN China, HEINZMANN Australia, HEINZMANN India, HEINZMANN Automation, CPK Automotive and Giro Engineering as member companies. The HEINZMANN Group boasts a combined total of fourteen global subsidiaries, including eight production sites and an international distributor network. The product portfolio comprises engine management system solutions, as well as exhaust gas treatment solutions, for industrial combustion engines and turbines; it also encompasses automation systems, primarily for the shipping industry. HEINZMANN's electric drives bear testimony to both its capacity for innovation and its skill for developing engine technologies for the future.

Specialising in gas turbine control systems, Heinzmann UK Ltd. has been supplying OEM customers and equipping and retrofitting turbine systems across the world for 30 years. Development, production, repair and overhaul for all HEINZMANN products takes place on site. Heinzmann UK Ltd.
Since late 2005, REGULATEURS EUROPA has been a member of the HEINZMANN Group, adding its control & monitoring systems capability and a range of digital and hydraulic governors and hydraulic actuators. Today REGULATEURS EUROPA production facilities are located in Colchester, United Kingdom, and Roden, The Netherlands with a worldwide sales and service network.Regulateurs Europa B.V.Regulateurs Europa Ltd.
With the incorporation of Norwegian company Heinzmann Automation AS, which adopted the name upon joining the group, the product portfolio has included automation and monitoring systems for the commercial and military shipping industry since 2010. Heinzmann Data Process AS
Since 2022 IFT GmbH is member of the Group. IFT is a globally active company engaged in the development, production and distribution of high-quality blow-by filters and sees itself as a technology leader in the field of crankcase ventilation systems and oil mist separators.IFT GmbH