HEINZMANN Hydraulic Amplifiers

FLY HEINZMANN Australia HA Series Woodward Replacement tn


Cost effective “bolt-on” replacement for Woodward products.

HEINZMANN Australia produces a range of hydraulic amplifiers with either mechanical or 0-200mA input, that directly replace Woodward products.

More information can be found in the section Hydraulic Amplifiers

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Si-Tec ONYX HMI - realtime turbine information at your fingertips


Press Release (October 2017)

With the increased complexity of today’s industrial steam turbine controls, the Si-TEC ONYX HMI is the new top of the range interactive remote display option from HEINZMANN Australia. Through an impressive 12.1” or 15.1" flat capacitive touch screen and by means of an intuitive user interface, the Si-TEC ONYX HMI provides comprehensive real time turbine information at your fingertips.

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