HEINZMANN CEO at Executive Roundtable of Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide

HEINZMANN participating in Executive Roundtable of Diesel and Gas Turbine Worldwide Magazine tn

Published in Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide #45 (April, 2014)

Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide invited top executives within the large-horsepower, prime-mover marketplace to give their views on what the future holds for their companies and the industries they serve. The goal was to produce a macro view of the challenges and opportunities facing the marketplace today. The participating executives included: Sauli Eloranta (VP Engineering & Technology, Rolls-Royce), Markus Gromer (CEO, Heinzmann), Ole Grøne (Sr. VP Sales & Promotion, MAN Diesel & Turbo), Christos Ramnialis (Executive VP, MTU Friedrichshafen), Thierry Toupin (CEO Gas Turbines & Generators BU, Siemens Energy)

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