The Next Generation of I-H Converters

ETM 60 HEINZMANN Australia Hydraulic Pressure Converter HPC 2016HPC: The Next Generation of I-H Converters

Press Release (March 2016)

The HEINZMANN Group further expands its product portfolio
HEINZMANN Australia is proud to highlight their Hydraulic Pressure Converter (HPC) for steam turbine mechanical drive and generator applications.
With this product development HEINZMANN Australia now offers a precise hydraulic pressure control specially designed with extra attention to accuracy, response and resolution.
This converter is ideal for controlling inlet and extraction steam turbine control valves relating to turbine speed, load and process control.

Hydraulic Pressure Converter - HPC

The HPC is an electrohydraulic pressure regulating control valve designed for use in positioning single-acting steam turbine valve servo systems.

The robust design of the HPC with its IP66 corrosion-resistant housing and in-built electric actuator driving a linear pilot valve makes it ideal for the most challenging of applications or where contaminated oil may be present.

The HPC accepts a 4-20 mA pressure demand signal and accurately controls oil pressure to precisely position steam turbine governor valves.

The HPC can be used as a retrofit item in most steam turbine applications where an I-H Converter currently exists, including such applications as pumps, fans, shredders, mill drives and generators.

Additionally, the HPC also has an option including an internal speed governor (i.e. HPC-G) for small steam turbine drive applications (eg. pumps, mills, fans, etc.), providing a cost-effective governing solution.

The HPC set up and tuning is simple through user-friendly software tools. This would be for initial configuration via pcConfigure, as well as comprehensive tuning and diagnostics via pcTune. Complementing these software tools is DataView, a high-speed data monitoring and logging software, used extensively by clients having Si-TEC Xtend governor controls.

With a full range of accessories and governing solutions, HEINZMANN Australia is your single source solution for precise control of turbo machinery.

With this new product development, HEINZMANN Australia Pty Ltd. continues its long standing tradition of product innovation and leadership in digital governing systems for turbo machinery. For over 30 years HEINZMANN Australia Pty Ltd. has cemented its reputation as the most trusted and reliable source for steam turbine (mechanical drive and generator) governing solutions.