Si-Tec ONYX HMI - realtime turbine information at your fingertips


Press Release (October 2017)

With the increased complexity of today’s industrial steam turbine controls, the Si-TEC ONYX HMI is the new top of the range interactive remote display option from HEINZMANN Australia. Through an impressive 12.1” or 15.1" flat capacitive touch screen and by means of an intuitive user interface, the Si-TEC ONYX HMI provides comprehensive real time turbine information at your fingertips.

When using the Si-TEC ONYX interactive display, turbine operators can be sure they are receiving precise, realtime turbine and generator information at the touch of a finger. The high definition graphics are extremely clear and informative, with the touch screen response time and interface making it not only easy to use but also extremely intuitive for the user to understand the specific control modes and functions of their particular turbine.
By optioning the HMI with a Si-TEC Xtend control system, customers can eliminate the requirement for external switches, lamps and wiring helping reduce installation costs and of course improving control panel real-estate.

The ONYX also protects the turbine against any accidental or unauthorized personnel from operating the machine. User logins are required for both Operators and Engineers, the event log will also keep track who has logged on and off and when, including the logging of all major control status.
Si-TEC (Smart Integrated Turbine Engine Control) is the world's only digital governor fully integrated with an automatic synchroniser and kW / kVAr control. With more than 4000 Si-TEC systems now in operation globally, the Si-TEC ONYX provides a further enhancement to the Si-TEC Xtend range. The ONYX is typically used in conjunction with Si-TEC Xtend CGC control module for steam turbine generator applications including power stations, sugar mills, paper mills, process plants, refineries.

Application overview:

thumb ETM 68 2 Si TEC ONYX Application overview