The Next Generation of I-H Converters

ETM 60 HEINZMANN Australia Hydraulic Pressure Converter HPC 2016HPC: The Next Generation of I-H Converters

Press Release (March 2016)

The HEINZMANN Group further expands its product portfolio
HEINZMANN Australia is proud to highlight their Hydraulic Pressure Converter (HPC) for steam turbine mechanical drive and generator applications.
With this product development HEINZMANN Australia now offers a precise hydraulic pressure control specially designed with extra attention to accuracy, response and resolution.
This converter is ideal for controlling inlet and extraction steam turbine control valves relating to turbine speed, load and process control.

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HEINZMANN Australia introduces longer warranty terms

HZA 3 Year Warranty


Heinzmann Australia Pty Ltd introduces a three year warranty for selected controller, display and accessory products.
More information can be found in the download area

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