Gas Engine Generator Controls

Used to control the speed, active power, voltage and reactive power of generators to 50 MWatt. 24 Si-TEC Xtend modules may be connected to a standard Si-TEC LAN system. For control of a single generator, or one controller per generator in a Si-TEC Xtend system.

A standard system may comprise 24 units and split into 4 groups of generators catering for split bus/feeder system. Each group having the capability of operating as isolated isochronous or utility grid paralleled systems. Re-synchronising of split bus/feeders and soft load transfer can be conducted using the Si-TEC GSM master module(s). Systems may be expanded to over 500 modules and 80 groups. The Si-TEC Xtend CGC controllers are available with a variety of fuelling actuator outputs.

Generator Control – Gas Engines Reciprocating

Control Unit Controller Generator Applications Documents

TGC-G (Island only)
CGC-G (Island/Grid Parallel)

si-tec adg

  • Precise speed governing typically within 0.1 % of operating speed at steady state
  • Dual MPU (or prox.) speed sensors for redundancy
  • Pre start purge cycle
  • Cranking, start fuel limiting, speed ramping
  • Synchronising control with phase and voltage matching
  • Fuel limiting to boost pressure
  • Grid-parallel and islanded operation
  • Isochronous / references / base load
  • Load Share and kWatt control
  • Volt- kVAr share control
  • Generators to 50 MWatt
  • Wide range of control valve actuator drivers available
  • Si-TEC GSM Master compatible – Single/multiple GSM control
  • Load share with all Si-TEC CGC including
    • Turbines / extraction turbines
    • Gas generators
  • Extensive user selected control functionality
  • Extensive alarm functions
  • On-board diagnostic
  • Dedicated communications port for customer PLC/DCS interface
  • Compatible with all Si-TEC support PC software
  • 24 Si-TEC unit capacity with standard system

Gas engine generators

  • Utility grid generation
  • Isochronous island operation

  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Standby power systems
  • Hospitals
  • Utility generation

  • Multiple generator systems


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