Logging Software - DataView

DataView is a dedicated data logging program for the SI-TEC system which may include third party device nodes (Modbus®). The system has capability of 99 data points for 24 nodes on a 400 msec update rate for all data.


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  • Uses Windows PC operating system
  • High-speed monitoring and logging of Si-TEC Xtend modules simultaneously up to 24 units
  • Real time logging e.g. continuous logging typically < 500 msec total scan loop time for all Si-TEC Xtend modules via Data Hub
  • Log files are stored and archived based on date including day, week, month and year, with new log files created at the start of each day
  • User-friendly set up and configuration of DataView parameters with 100 data points per Si-TEC Xtend module
  • User-friendly diagnostics of logged files for trouble shooting purposes
  • SI-TEC Xtend CGC Controllers
  • SI-TEC Xtend TGC Controllers
  • SI-TEC Xtend GSM Controllers
  • SI-TEC Xtend ADG Controllers