Configuration Software - pcConfigure

pcConfigure provides the facility edit all set points, save to PC file, up load and down load to Si-TEC modules, provide hard copy of the Si-TEC controllers, edit accumulated values.


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  • Uses Windows PC operating system
  • Edit all operational parameters
  • Upload to Si-TEC Xtend Controller
  • Download to Si-TEC Xtend Controller
  • Provide hard copy of SI-TEC module configuration
  • For identical generators, copy of configuration is < 10 seconds
  • Using the Si-TEC Data Hub configuration may be conducted via the internet
  • Steam turbines
  • Diesel engines
  • Gas engines
  • Generators

  • SI-TEC Xtend CGC Controllers
  • SI-TEC Xtend TGC Controllers
  • SI-TEC Xtend GSM Controllers
  • SI-TEC Xtend ADG Controllers
  • OPAL II Display