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August 2023

Australian Sugar Mills Commence 2023 crushing season

HEINZMANN Australia provided technical support and assistance for the start of the Australian 2023 Sugar Milling Season. The sugar mill season in Australia typically commences in the month of June and concludes by early December each year.

Since sugar mills require a significant number of steam turbines for various applications (including power generation drives, shredder drives, mill drives, fan and pump drives, etc.) HEINZMANN Australia provides a wide range of steam turbine control solutions with our Si-TEC range of digital governor systems, including CGC-T, CGC-ET, GSM-Grid, ADG-T, and ADG-TT.

With all sugar mills typically operating their power generation turbines (around 400 MW of total installed cogeneration capacity) to supply their factory load requirements as well as export surplus power to the national Grid, HZA has helped provide optimum control for their power generation systems for efficient operation and smooth export control of power using “Green Friendly” biomass fuel (derived from sugar cane bagasse).

This year, the main focus of HZA’s support was for Wilmar Australia Sugar. Wilmar is Australia’s largest sugar producer, with 8 x sugar mills located in various parts of Queensland state.

For the 2023 sugar season, HEINZMANN Australia provided support for steam trials at various Wilmar Sugar mills, along with project upgrades for drive turbines (including mills, fans, and pumps).

Some facts regarding sugar production in Australia:

  • Sugar is Australia's second-largest export crop, after wheat, with a total annual revenue of almost $2 billion.
  • Around 95% of sugar produced in Australia is grown in Queensland state, with the remainder in northern New South Wales state.
  • The 24 sugar mills in Australia produce 5 million tonnes of sugar annually.
  • Australia exports about 80% of its raw sugar overseas (around 4 million tonnes), making it the fourth largest raw sugar exporter in the world.

HEINZMANN Australia has provided optimum solutions for the sugar industry worldwide for over 30 years and looks forward to continuing our efforts in the years ahead.

For queries please contact Remesh Prasad – Application Sales Manager – Global.

Mobile +61 409 626183 | Phone +61 7 3868 3333 |   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Cane Preparation Station overview at Wilmar Sugar – Kalamia Mill
(Source: © Heinzmann Australia Pty Ltd.)

Sugar Mills

Boiler #3 ID Fan Turbine at Wilmar Sugar – Invicta Mill (using HZA Si-TEC ADG-T governor)
(Source: © Heinzmann Australia Pty Ltd.)

Sugar Mills

A-Train Mill Turbine at Wilmar Sugar – Inkerman Mill (using HZA Si-TEC ADG-T governor)
(Source: © Heinzmann Australia Pty Ltd.)


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