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Optimal control technology for steam turbines

pcTune is a real time tuning and diagnostic tool, providing high-speed data and graphic update. Data includes extensive operating parameters including all PIDs. Data may be saved, loaded, reviewed, exported, etc.. Additional screens provide instrument panels. All generators in system load share, dead bus operation, and much more.

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Tuning Software pcTune

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 4

Screen 5

Tuning Software - pcTune

The HEINZMANN Australia tuning software pcTune uses a Windows PC operating system and provides automatic module type detection. It is used for steam turbines, diesel or gas engines and generators.

pcTune instruments

  • Real time monitor of 100 s of data addresses available
  • Data available in 10 msec update
  • Select up to 16 addresses from pre-set groups or user select
  • Adjustable scan time and scaling
  • Edit PID control loops from the PC
  • Save data files for later analysis
  • Auto save triggers for capture of events while unattended
  • Export selected data as .csv files
  • Induce repeatable errors to monitor correction
  • Instrument screens available generator operating data
  • Display of control function status/inputs and command device
  • Bar chart comparisons of all system generators and masters
  • Live dead bus diagnostics of generator
  • Ideal for documentation of transient response capability
  • Optimise control of prime mover/generator/ power station
  • Process and extraction screens for live data display
  • For extraction turbines – live steam map of turbine operation
  • Using the SI-TEC Data Hub pcTune may be conducted via the internet

Suitable for:

    • Si-TEC Xtend CGC controllers
    • Si-TEC Xtend GSM controllers
    • Si-TEC Xtend ADG controllers
    • Si-TEC BDG controller
    • HPC I/H Converter

pcTune screen 1

An induced frequency disturbance on 65 MWatt turbine confirming generator “grid droop” response


pcTune screen 2

A Caterpillar 3412 diesel generator from initial start command to synchronised (< 10sec) to ramping on load


pcTune screen 3

Live control overview of extraction turbine operation


pcTune screen 4

Instrument screen of extraction turbine generator operation


pcTune screen 5

Steam Map of Extraction Turbine Generator Operation


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