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Optimal control technology for steam turbines

Used to control the speed, active power, voltage and reactive power of generators to 50 MW. 24 Si-TEC Xtend modules may be connected to a standard Si-TEC LAN system. For control of a single generator, or one controller per generator in a Si-TEC Xtend system.

A standard system may comprise 24 units and split into 4 groups of generators catering for split bus/feeder system. Each group having the capability of operating as isolated isochronous or utility grid-paralleled systems. Re-synchronising of split bus/feeders and soft load transfer can be conducted using the Si-TEC GSM master module(s). Systems may be expanded to over 500 modules and 80 groups. The Si-TEC Xtend CGC controllers are available with a variety of fuelling actuator outputs.


Leaflet Genset Controls




Si-TEC Generator Controls - Diesel Engines

Diesel engine generator controls are designed for use with all sizes of generators, the Si-TEC Xtend can be used for islanded or co-generation (mains/grid parallel) applications on diesel reciprocating engines and steam turbines.


Diesel Engine Generator Control

Si-TEC CGC-D Co Generator Control

The Si-TEC CGC-D is used in diesel fuelled reciprocating engines for generator set applications where utility paralleling functions are required. Digital governor functions are fully integrated with generator control functions (i.e. synchronising, kW load control, kVAr/PF control, etc.).

  • Precise speed governing typically within 0.1 % of operating speed at steady state
  • Dual MPU (or prox.) speed sensors for redundancy
  • Cranking, start fuel limiting, speed ramping
  • Synchronising control with phase and voltage matching
  • Fuel limiting to boost pressure
  • Grid-parallel and islanded operation
  • Isochronous/references/base load
  • Load share and kW control
  • Volt-kVAr share control
  • Generators to 50 MW
  • Wide range of control valve actuator drivers available
  • Si-TEC GSM Master compatible – Single/multiple GSM control
  • Load share with all Si-TEC CGC including turbines/extraction turbines and diesel generators
  • Extensive user selected control functionality
  • Extensive alarm functions
  • On-board diagnostic
  • Dedicated communications port for customer PLC/DCS interface
  • Compatible with all Si-TEC support PC software
  • 24 Si-TEC unit capacity with standard system


Oil & Gas
Standby Power Systems
Utility Generation

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